“White Chippy Table”

I had to share this, I can’t hold in my excitement in on this table and I know there will be more to come on this little gem! I am fortunate enough to live in walking distance to our adorable downtown core, which has just the most magical feel to it. I mean they do shoot movies on it, that must confirm my thoughts right?┬áThere is this one store called Spruce Collective. This store is a dream come true for vintage and rustic lovers. The ladies that work in the store are just as amazing as the items in the store. I stopped in over the Christmas holiday’s, opened the door and saw the table under all the Christmas decorations on display. I couldn’t get my eyes to look away. The paint chipping away and those handles ; just my favourite colour ever!


I went home, talked about it; talked about it some more. I was running an errand early in the morning on one of my day’s off and decided to stop in again and look at it (I’m learning to walk away from items before impulse buying). It was still the little chippy table I remembered. I got all the measurements went back home and got my future hubby out of bed to tell him it would be perfect for what I wanted it for. We got ready to head out for the day and stopped in the store and paid. I went back the next day to pick up with my amazing mother since she has a larger vehicle. I swear I need a truck or something, I’d probably buy way too much stuff if I did. I own my own business with my mom so I work a lot from home in the evening, during the day I work a full time job in the accounting field. This desk needs to make me feel happy to work on after a full day already. I wanted it to be my style, this also is out in the open of our condo (I will post pictures soon of our layout). I would love to hear ideas or examples of what you guys think I should to do for a set up, ghost chair? Talk soon!

xoxo Courtney

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