The Kitchen

Okay, so….When I first moved out on my own and got to pick my own furniture I had a love for the dark, white to me was  just ‘yuck’ when we bought our condo I honestly had no idea where to start or what to do first as it was just this blank canvas in my eyes covered in orange paint.

Right off the bat we bought new appliances for the kitchen, minus the dishwasher as it still had the foam on the inside. The cupboards in my eyes were just too dark for being so far away from any window source. Unfortunately we literally have two windows and a sliding door for natural light in our condo. Making it feel bright was really important to me. That being said we didn’t have money to rip out the kitchen and really for the property value gutting a condo just doesn’t seem like the best bang for your buck.  Where we live is a nice walking distance to downtown, cool view of Mt. Baker when you head to the rooftop but majority of our building is renters and not high end rental units. We have to keep our condo competitive in the price range without going broke just trying to compete.

After the appliances we headed down to Lowe’s in Bellingham, WA to grab some AirStone. Unfortunately you can’t buy AirStone in Canada. *sad face* It took me 3 or 4 nights to install by myself, it would of been easier if I had some more space to cut the stone but overall it was a pretty easy install. We than removed cupboards which hung over the seating area as I felt it really blocked light and kept it too closed up in a small condo.

We finished and bang I was really happy with it all, but after the two years we have lived here I really lightened up the rest of the condo and the kitchen just doesn’t seem to go, its like the sore spot to my eyes, the incomplete zone to my style.  Here I am writing this to you as I have just finished sanding and taping off my cupboards, I’m dipping my brush in the paint can and painting the cupboards!! *Gulp*

I finished! I am completely happy with the decision to paint them! I used Benjamin Moore Paint. The white is called ‘White Dove’ the gray is called ‘Whale Gray’.


We changed the knobs out and added handles to spice the look up a bit! Total costs with buying new paintbrushes, trays etc was $157CAD

Here’s the before the paint look… 

And the day we bought it…

Look forward to your thoughts!

xoxo Courtney