A little Introduction

Hey Guys,

I’m sure this is not reaching out to too many people but I truly appreciate you coming to read what I type. My name is Courtney, I grew up in Maple Ridge, BC and was picked up and moved across the country to Whitby, ON at the age of 15. I’m currently back in the Fraser Valley in the gorgeous British Columbia and don’t spend a second complaining about living here. My fiance and I bought a condo in April of 2014 and it was a dream since I literally was just finishing school six months prior and never thought a bank would provide me with a mortgage. I jumped for joy when all was approved and I could be proud to call it MINE. Slowly as I started filling it with our furniture and buying new stuff I realized how much I loved furniture with a story and furniture that didn’t come from a box I had to put it together. My style quickly changed and progressed. My sister also lives in Tennessee and I like to think she started to influence me. I want my blog to just be about me loving the south and showing what can be done to make it feel that way even living up in Canada eh! I hope to share some of my design changes, some recipes I’m inspired by and maybe even some artwork!

Thanks again, check back soon

xoxo Courtney

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